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The Belt and Road strategy to promote Xinjiang textile employment
Author:  Source:   Time:2016-04-20

Strategic concept of the economic belt of the new silk road is to strengthen the Central Asia interoperability and trade, for the Western China provides an open channel and platform, the west again big development and opening to the outside world, promote economic and social development of the western region, to narrow the development gap between the East and the West。 The general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, comrade Xi Jinping put forward the construction of new Silk Road Economic Belt is a major strategic thought and strategic decision concerning the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, has great and far-reaching significance。 Is the Silk Road in Xinjiang, the core of the zone, is the bridgehead of China's opening up to the west, and Central Asian countries are geographically close, humanities blind, occupy a climate favourable geographical position and advantage。 Both economically and politically, the development of Xinjiang textile industry has played an important role。 The textile industry will be very helpful to solve the employment of Xinjiang's population, economy, so as to promote the development of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang live and work in peace and contentment, social harmony and stability。

Specifically, according to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on further to maintain social stability in Xinjiang and achieve long-term stability of opinions "," the State Council on support the development of the textile and garment industry in Xinjiang and promote the employment guidance "and other strategic layout, textile and garment will become to undertake the eastern industrial transfer, driving the pillar industry of employment in Xinjiang. Xinjiang cotton yield as a big province, from the period of "the Tenth Five Year Plan" into the structure of the adjustment in the new stage, increase the construction of high-quality cotton base, vigorously develop the high-quality cotton yarn and cotton, has become China's largest production base of cotton and the textile production base. At present, Xinjiang's cotton resources accounted for more than 60% of the national output, textile and garment industry has become a pillar industry in Xinjiang to promote employment. By the end of the 45, Xinjiang spindle size will reach 2000 million spindles, and the completion of the Shihezi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Korla Economic & Technological Development Zone, Aksu textile industrial city and alar economic and Technological Development Zone etc. four comprehensive textile and garment industry base.

According to incomplete statistics, 2015 enterprise planning in Xinjiang construction scale a record, new construction cotton spinning project, more than 600 million pounds (including air spinning). Among them, Litai company, seismic Lun company, gold rich company, Tianhong Group, Hua Fu Group in Xinjiang planning and construction of the scale are ultra million spindles; Kaijian monomer cotton spinning project, the construction scale and investment than in the past has increased dramatically, such as Bavaria Litai company a 100 million pounds (including gas flow spinning 5.7 million head), 27 billion yuan of investment; Tianhong company a 50 thousand spindles, investment 20 billion yuan; Bazhou Zhenlun company a 4.4 million head of air spinning, investment 15 million yuan. At the same time, 2015 Xinjiang textile industry completed investment in fixed assets reached an all-time high, 1 October to 251.63 billion yuan, an increase of 1.9 times; new cotton spinning capacity is expected to reach 400 million pounds (including air spinning). By the end of 2015 Xinjiang cotton spinning capacity reached 1000 million pounds (including air spinning).

A group of Shandong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Anhui, Ningxia and other clothing, knitting, carpet enterprises to invest in Xinjiang. And 2 million 500 thousand pieces of clothing items, with an annual output of Shangyi Tian clothing company project, Kashi ZTE gloves gloves Co. Ltd. Xinjiang Junbo textile clothing project, with an annual output of 1 million pieces of Xinjiang Yijia clothing Limited company with an annual output of 2 million pieces of national garment production and processing projects and other projects have started production of clothing, red bean, Huiquan, auspicious birds and a number of well-known mainland knitted apparel enterprises have to Xinjiang docking project, a number of local enterprises in Xinjiang as the new Limu, PA, Kun Ming, Ou Liting, Mo, Dan, one Li Qi rasaria also continue to grow, as rich as to make a positive contribution to the varieties of clothing and expanding the market of Central Asia, to achieve the nearest place of employment stability in Xinjiang area to a good exemplary and leading role. As of September 20th this year, the whole industry of new jobs 53 thousand people.

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