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Consumers pay more and more attention to the story behind the cotton products
Author:  Source:   Time:2016-04-20

The industry over the past to provide a reasonable price to provide comfortable and stylish products to consumers, but this is not enough. More and more consumers want to know the story of the product. This is the main message of the panel discussion during the seventy-fourth International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) meeting in Mumbai, India.

At the meeting talked about cotton demand: retailers Pascal Global Supply Chain Manager Brun H&M explained: our customers like all cotton products, however, their attention to sustainable development will not disappear. They want to know the story behind the products they buy: where they are made, from where they are and what kind of influence they have on the environment ".

Singh Pramod, director of the cotton Department, agreed with the statement, "retailers need to be able to tell the story of their customers, or customers will be able to say clearly to the retailer where the IKEA。 To win customers, to talk about sustainable development is not enough, but not to talk about sustainable development, it will lose them。

浙江体彩6+1玩法 Techware consulting partner Malik Prem added: "consumer demand is the main driver of price and function, for buyers, in the foreseeable future, the importance of sustainability in the stability of growth".

Finally, the team members have suggested that when it comes to transparency and chasing Su of, the cotton value chain of all stakeholders can play a certain role.

However, the focus should not be all on the inside, because the invitation to actively participate in the process of end consumers in the long run, there may be a harvest.

浙江体彩6+1玩法 "The cotton industry needs to take full advantage of consumers' desire for knowledge and to participate in sustainable development," Brun said ".

"For example, educating consumers about the advantages of recycling their clothing and textiles, when they buy cotton products not only conducive to the environment, but also make people feel good".

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