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The textile industry in Fujian would use the robot to break the bottleneck of development
Author:  Source:   Time:2016-04-20

In the first half of this year, Fujian Province, above scale textile enterprises industrial added value increased by 11.4%, 4.6 percentage points higher than the national same industry. Above scale enterprises realized a total of main business income 1036.62 billion yuan, an increase of 7.7%, higher than the same industry 2.3 percentage points; realized a total profit of 113 billion yuan, an increase of 12.9%, higher than the national industry 3.5 percentage points.

In the face of global textile production capacity surplus, reduce the domestic and international market demand and rising labor costs and recruitment difficulties and other issues, the textile industry as a labor-intensive industry representatives encounter development bottleneck。 In this regard, Fujian Province actively follow up industrial 4。0 "and" made in China 2025 "strategy, introduced preferential policies to encourage enterprises to configure the new automation equipment, through the implementation of machine substitution" technical transformation project, the production process intelligent, is a key to the transformation and upgrading of textile enterprises weapons。

Intelligent production process

浙江体彩6+1玩法 Recently, Fujian Shen Yuanxin Material Co。, Ltd。 and global top Dutch DSM company signed caprolactam phase II project technology licensing agreement, accelerate the world's largest caprolactam production base construction; this month, domestic nylon industry's most advanced fully automatic high-speed production line will be in Fujian Jing Feng Technology Co。, Ltd。 officially put into use, blowing machine for Industry and trade "new horn。。。

With the disappearance of the demographic dividend, recruitment is difficult, expensive labor are increasingly becoming problems of textile enterprises. Under this background, and actively implement the "machine for many textile enterprises, in order to upgrade the quality and efficiency.

Changle, Jinjiang and other counties (cities) is the main gathering place of textile industry in Fujian province. Changle force constant nylon Technology Co. Ltd., is to build the world's largest nylon polymerization and spinning production enterprises. According to Chen Lijun, deputy general manager of the company introduced, because the application of a semi-automatic new equipment, the number of workers in the workshop than previously reduced by more than 50%.

Similarly, in Jinjiang Longfeng company, automation reform is also to make snap. In a long Fengxin Industrial Park, imported from Japan Tsuda loom speed operation, 1 person see 100 sets of equipment, workshop staff is greatly reduced. According to reports, more than 1000 sets of such traditional water jet loom production plant, almost 700 people to maintain the normal operation, but now only 200 people.

There are a lot of such enterprises, Fujian Jinxing group actually early in 2011 factory expansion, had already started to begin machine for Industry and trade "planning。 Automatic packaging line is on the one hand, the company has taken the first step, at present, the company of other product specifications and packaging and the introduction of automation equipment R & D before operation is also on the agenda。

Insiders said that the machine for Industry and trade "not only solve the employment lack, ease labor costs continued to rise the pressure and intelligent equipment improve production efficiency, reduce the cost per unit time, thereby increasing the profit space。

Industry contrarian breakthrough

浙江体彩6+1玩法 "Since the beginning of this year, it has launched new products in more than 30. Among them, nylon yarn, yarn, cool flat fiber wire and other specialty products welcomed by the market, the added value of the product is 10% higher than conventional products." The person in charge of a Changle textile enterprise introduction.

It is understood that the "machine for work", many textile enterprises have tasted the sweetness。 The first two quarters of this year, Fujian Xingang Textile Machinery Co。 Ltd。 sales growth of 10% over the same period last year, to achieve contrarian growth。 Xin Hong textile machinery company predecessor is Changle HANGGANG Knitting Co。, Ltd。, under the guidance and support of the government, enterprises will industrial chain to the upstream equipment manufacturing extension, created Xin Hong textile machinery company, and independently developed domestic warp knitting machine, breaking the warp knitting machine to rely on imports situation。 At present, the production of warp knitting machine Xingang occupy 60% of the national market share。

As the leading enterprises in Jinjiang textile and chemical fiber, Fujian Jinxing group's positive Qi high fiber 2014 from Taiwan, the introduction of chemical fiber industry in Fujian Province the first fully automated packaging equipment, in accordance with the day nearly 400 tons of production capacity, in the process of packaging to save nearly 120 staff, quality of products is improved。

In Shishi, application of industrial robot has become an important highlight of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the effect of more than expected。 Shishi clothing industry began to use industrial robots last year。 It is understood, garment production of cut pieces before to 2 ~ 3 workers spread a cloth, the cloth folded into 50-200 layer, each stack layer to workers with hands or sticks smooth, time-consuming and laborious。 The robot to replace the manual spreading, not only greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improves the production efficiency。

"Machine for work" for a new energy。 Data show that in Changle, more than 85% of the local cotton spinning enterprises equipment reached the leading domestic level, machine for Industry and trade "the employment level of enterprises from the technological transformation of 58 / million pounds down to the 36 / million spindles, a decrease of nearly 40%。 "Under the same conditions, the new automated assembly line will reduce labor about 50%, to reduce energy consumption of about 30%, per ton nylon filament can save 800 yuan of cost, greatly improving the production efficiency。" The person in charge of a Changle textile enterprises said。

Enhance industrial endogenous power

Insiders pointed out that the textile industry is a labor-intensive industry, along with the gradual disappearance of China's demographic dividend, restructuring and upgrading urgently。 Mechanization, automatization and intelligentization become traditional industries, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, synergism of depletion of numbers transformation, the effective way to relieve the recruitment difficult, which also opened the China Machine substitutions

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