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Textile industry to seize opportunities and more innovative
Author:  Source: http://en.fffftu.com/hydt/n622.html   Time:2016-04-20

In the face of rising costs, shortage of labor resources, increasing environmental constraints and other pressures, China's textile industry must find a new source of power, to achieve the transformation of the old and new growth model. In this process, the support and leading role of scientific and technological innovation is very important. The textile industry must through the progress of science and technology, design innovation, technological improvement, in the international and domestic market to establish reliable product quality status, enhance the reputation of Chinese brands.

A few days ago, the textile industry in the light of the 2015 China Textile Industry Association Science and technology awards announced. The establishment in 2004 awards, is regarded as the "Nobel Prize" of the textile industry, this year's winner of 93 projects concentrated in new types of fiber, textile processing technology upgrading, product innovation and development, intelligent equipment and energy saving and emission reduction, on behalf of the textile technology development today, the highest level and direction.

The textile industry is a traditional pillar industry in our country and an important livelihood industry, and it is also the advantage industry of our country to participate in the international competition. In recent years, the slow recovery of the world economy, shifting the domestic economic slowdown, China's textile industry both to face double competition from both developed and developing countries, but also to bear the rising costs, shortage of labor resources and environmental constraints will continue to increase, and all kinds of pressure. Therefore, the textile industry must find new sources of power, to achieve new growth pattern transformation, from labor-intensive and resource consuming fast forward to technology intensive and resource conservation. In this process, science and technology innovation supporting and leading role has become increasingly obvious and important, is the entire industry to implement innovation driven strategy core, is the basis and source of many innovation, product innovation, management innovation, brand innovation.

From outside the industry, the world within the scope of a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution is on the rise, disruptive innovations emerge. At the national level, "45" planning proposal, to play a leading role in the overall innovation of the science and technology innovation, national strategic direction and clear. Textile industry must seize rare historical opportunity, do a good job of textile science and technology power construction planning and layout in the future the focus of scientific and technological innovation direction, and strive to 45 at the end of industry science and technology innovation level from the run with and parallel "mainly to" parallel, leading "the main changes.

Specifically, the textile industry to focus on industry major common key technology and applied basic research, further accelerate to promote scientific and technological achievements transformation and application, to promote the collaborative innovation of system, science and technology, standard support to strengthen system construction, promote textile technology and equipment, independent innovation and products to enhance the level and ability.

In intelligent manufacturing, to accelerate the integration of the development of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing technology, the intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of two of the depth of integration, accelerate the upgrading of textile intelligence including intelligent equipment, intelligent operation, intelligent products, manufacturing level, training based on the "Internet plus" product innovation, lean flexible manufacturing, production and supply chain integration new mode of production, and promote the transformation and upgrading of textile industry。

In the development of the new textile material, to develop a variety of differentiated, functional fiber and its products, meet people of personalized, fashion and function of consumer demand; development to meet the demand of high-end industrial technology field of high performance fiber and composite materials, to break the monopoly of foreign technology; the development of alternative petroleum resources new bio based fiber materials and raw materials to break constraints.

At the same time, the progress of science and technology, design innovation, technological improvement, in the international and domestic market established reliable product quality status, enhance the reputation of Chinese brands; in the industry to promote the application of low carbon energy-saving advanced technology, anhydrous less water printing and dyeing technology, the realization of green production.

China is the world largest textile clothing producer, consumer and exporter, is the textile industry chain, the most complete, the most complete, with forward a solid foundation in the world textile powerhouse camp and obvious advantages. In the innovation of science and technology under the guidance of the textile industry will play a more important role in people's life and beautify the development of related industries, stimulating domestic demand, promote ecological civilization etc.. (author: Xu Hongzhou economic daily 2015.12.25)


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