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"A new trend of Internet plus textile industry"
Author:  Source: http://en.fffftu.com/hydt/n623.html   Time:2016-04-20

(reporter / Ye Dan Intern / Luo Yushi) in the textile industry are increasingly under the influence of the Internet, recently by the Guangzhou international textile city hosted the "China weaving, the value of Guangzhou" textile industry forum held in Guangzhou, the forum invited the relevant experts and scholars to explore the best textile businesses together to discuss "Internet plus textile industry".
Cao Lei, director of Chinese electronic commerce research center to participate in the forum that the essence of "Internet plus" is to optimize the allocation of resources, the textile industry should shift to mobile intelligent production, trading, financing and other online direction; should realize the function of trading platform at the same time, financing, recruitment of. Tsinghua University Political Economy Research Center of enterprise research department director Li Jiangtao said advantage the Internet platform that has a stable resource; enterprises should use the platform to the system and the depth of the service development, but also to extend the data, for the customer to intercept type development and services. DCCI Internet Research Institute president Liu Xingliang put forward that enterprises should be toward the vertical, regional, intelligent.
According to the Nanfang Daily reporter, Guangzhou International Textile City also launched the official business intelligence for the promotion of international trade platform, the platform with independent research and development of image recognition technology, to in an attempt to find a plate, improve the efficiency of customer purchases, at the same time to reduce the enterprise brand publicity pressure, help to help companies better to grasp the popular trend.

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