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The future of the textile industry, to say goodbye to the "labor intensive" image
Author:  Source:   Time:2016-04-20

On October 10, Keqiao held in 2015 China Textile Industrial Automation Summit Forum, more than 200 domestic and foreign textile machinery, printing and dyeing and other entrepreneurs and experts issued a "voice": "wisdom" win the future.
Recently, a about following the birth of the first unmanned factory information in Keqiao many textile microvascular letter friends circle heat transfer: every 60 machine hand day and night without rest grinding one mobile phone in frame structure components, and each line just 33 workers responsible for the supervision and inspection.
Dongguan unmanned factory, this is just a microcosm of the future development of the manufacturing industry in the future Chinese". This forum, China Textile Industry Association vice president and Secretary General Gao Yong suggested that the "2025" China manufacturing is to develop intelligent manufacturing, so as to realize the adjustment of the domestic industrial structure development.
"" 2025 "Chinese manufacturing proposed intelligent manufacturing is the integration of two of the depth of the main direction of intelligent equipment of textile industry is an important aspect of intelligent manufacturing." Gao Yong revealed that during the 45, textile industry will launch a number of key projects, formed and promoted 6 intelligent production line: automatic production line of yarn intelligent production line, printing and dyeing, non-woven automated production lines, the garment sewing process automatic production line, the final textile industry will bid farewell to the image of the "labor intensive".
Cover spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, clothing textiles is equal to one of the textile District -- Keqiao, in the textile industry towards the trend of the development of intelligent under, how to make better use of the industrialization, informatization in textile industry, and promote the adjustment of regional economic structure? "The wisdom of clusters, one step ahead of Keqiao." According to reports, Keqiao district last year were identified national comprehensive demonstration area of the two provincial depth fusion since. Every year, the government arrangements 2 billion yuan of funds, the focus for the industrial enterprise informationization construction, industrial design, e-commerce, enterprise technological innovation input, the machine substitution "the innovation construction.
Also strengthen industry cluster informationization, construction of the wisdom of the cluster, such as the combination of the printing and dyeing industry cluster upgrade project, accelerate to enhance the manufacturing capability, such as Dongsheng dyeing, Lego printing and dyeing and other, are used in automated production equipment and intelligent production process control system, formed the "intelligent manufacturing factory" prototype, dyeing and printing industry cluster reduce labor 3 million people expected.
"The transformation and upgrading of traditional industries clusters, the cultivation and development of the strategic emerging industry is in the development of the textile industry in the most urgent, the most important task." Keqiao District vice mayor Zhou Shusen believes that this forum collusion textile machinery industry development plan, for the textile machinery industry in our region and the country, even the innovation and development of the textile industry, the cluster upgrade, bring new ideas, new ideas and new results.

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